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MOVE-professor Kristine De Martelaer: swimming in nature in uplifts

  • May 19, 2021

Swimming in nature is on the rise again, says MOVE-professor Kristine De Martelaer. It can be a win-win, she says. "It teaches us the importance of clean water and a clean nature, so if swimming in the open air becomes more popular, it can create more support in society. And if the water becomes cleaner, it could also convince more swimmers." 

A recent British study on swimming in the sea says it has a binding effect: it creates a positive link with a place or with other people. But according to De Martelaer, it goes beyond that: "It helps to unwind. "Think also of the dominant colours: blue and green. The combination of relaxation and effort is not so high in any sport. And because you are virtually floating, there is an additional relaxing effect." 

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