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Ben Serrien Ben Serrien

Ben Serrien

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Ben Serrien (°23/08/1990) obtained a PhD in Movement - and Sport Science at Vrije Universiteit Brussel in January 2018 with the dissertation 'On biomechanics and motor control in overhand throwing and striking - New insights in proximal-to-distal sequencing.' During his PhD project, the focus of the research was on applied biomechanics and motor control in elite youth athletes in the Flemish Advances Sport Schools (Team Handball and Volleyball). His current research topics as post-doc are on more fundamental issues in biomechanics and make use of computer intensive methods (Bayesian inference for continuum data, Bayesian Inverse Kinematics, soft-tissue artefect problems, ...). He teaches exercises in biomechanics and statistics at bachelor level and tutors several master thesis subjects.


Prof. dr. Romain Meeusen, prof. dr. Bas De Geus, Prof. dr. Kevin De Pauw, drs. Bruno Tassignon, drs. Jos Verschueren & drs. Toon Ampe (Human Phsyciology, Sports Physiotherapy & BRUBOTICS, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Prof. dr. Erik Kerckhofs, prof. dr. Eva Swinnen & dra. Emma De Keersmaecker (Revalidation Research & BRUBOTICS, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Prof. dr. Ron Clijsen, dr. Erich Hohenhauer & dr. Ursula Kung (Thim Van Der Laan University College Physiotherapy, Landquart, Switzerland)

Prof. dr. Wolfgang Taube (University of Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland)

Prof. dr. Todd Patakay (Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan)


1050 Brussels